BilkaDent Parodont Protect – Oral hygiene series

According to the World Health Organization, about 75% of people experience a various forms of gum disease. Bleeding gums is the first signal of gums inflammation, called gingivitis. In Bulgaria, due to the low standard of living and poor hygiene, about 20% of the population over 30 years and 60% of the population over 40 years develop severe forms of gingival gum disease, leading to periodontitis and tooth loss.
Gingivitis – gums inflammation, occurs as a result of various factors, mainly due to plaque accumulation. Very often the problem does not come from the frequency of brushing, but rather from its quality. After gingivitis, in case of poor hygiene and skipping a visit to a dental specialist, the uncleaned plaque eventually turns into tartar. If timely measures are not taken, this may lead to more serious diseases – mainly periodontitis.

Bilka Dent Parodont Protect – a line of products for oral hygiene based on specialized active and proven natural ingredients, with an exceptional focus – protection of the periodontium and gums. Specially developed toothpastes and mouthwashes for the prevention of periodontitis and gum tightening, complemented by a toothpaste with whitening action and a unique gel for gums.