Bilka Homeopathy for kids

Bilka Homeopathy for adults

Recently it is observed that more and more parents are highly interested in natural toothpastes for kids that are applicable for homeopathic treatment. This is due to the natural strive our children to grow healthy and strong, aiming at a natural way of life.
The use of homeopathic remedies becomes widespread and the number of people who prefer to be treated in this alternative way is increasing every year. Many people in Bulgaria as well are treating their children with homeopathy because they believe it is harmless.
This stimulated us to create new kids natural toothpastes, which are tolerant with the use of homeopathic remedies. Healthy calf’s teeth are a precondition to the health of the teeth in mature age. This is the reason why it is necessary the oral hygiene care to begin with the appearance of the first teeth with appropriate harmless products, of course.

The series is developed and recommended to everybody who prefers the nature-friendly lifestyle and uses natural products in their everyday life as well as to people who take homeopathic treatment.
There are not any chemically active ingredients, mint, fluorine, artificial paints and synthetic perfumes, which could have an influence on more sensitive or inclined to allergy organisms.