Rejuvenating Anti –Age cosmetic line ROSA DAMASCENA
with included in the content proven efficient high quality organic rose water and natural rose oil

The homage to the rose is a symbol of the worship of beauty. Bulgarian national art has preserved the most valuable truths about the world; the eternal discoveries of a national aesthetics created from the harmony and perfection of the nature, from its colors, sounds and moods. The rose blossom is intertwined in embroideries, repeated in clothes and adornment, recreated in legends, music and dances; it is a measurement for eternal beauty. Therefore, the people who grow it grace with a festival this beautiful flower, which is born for life, to create the mood and the poetry of our days.

The best rose oil according to the climate and the plant varieties comes from the “heart” of Bulgaria – the Rose Valley. It is known all over the world and it is at the price of gold! The rose oil smoothes the skin, stimulates cells regeneration, has bactericidal action and unique properties. It is used also in aromatherapy – removes melancholy, acts stimulating to the senses, increases the self esteem and even the libido, where probably comes the other name of the rose – “flower of love”…
Inspired, we created our cosmetic line, based on the most high quality Bulgarian rose oil and organic rose water from rosa damascena – recognized worldwide and used by the international brands in the perfumery and cosmetics.