Hair Mask – Intensive Nourishing with Vitamin PP – 200 ml.

Brand: Bilka Collection Hair Care

Deep nourishes and strengthens each hair, revitalizes your scalp. Hair looks thick, healthy, natural shine! It contains combina-
tion of strengthening the hair and scalp vitamins and stimulating hair growth herbs:
Natural herbal elixir of nettle, birch and walnut – actively nourishes hair and scalp;
Vitamin C – stimulates hair growth, gives the hair softness and shine;
Vitamin PP – conditioner, moisturizing the hair and scalp in depth and restores elasticity to hair and supports its styling.
Use: Apply with gentle massaging movements along the hair and scalp after shampooing. After 3-5 minutes rinse thoroughly with water.
The mask is suitable for everyday use for all hair types.
Use after each shampoo. For maximum results combine with shampoos of the line Bilka Hair Care.